Die Vision - Live Im Jo Jo Berlin 19.10.1990

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Interpreten: Die Vision, Berlin
Veröffentlicht: 1990
Label: Eigenvertrieb
Format: Tape
  1. Take Your Body And Move
  2. The Arc Of Wonder
  3. Why Do You Sleep
  4. The Dangerous Friends J.F. Sebastian
  5. Burning Bells
  6. When The Shadows Cry
  7. Dont Ask For My Tears
  8. After The Sunset
  9. Wonderland
  10. What Is Love
  11. My Home Is Everywhere
  12. The House Of Course
  13. Lonesome Cowboy
  14. Give Me All Your Love
  15. Backseat Of My Car
  16. Check The Law
  17. Into The Light
  18. I Love You Party Version
  19. Cinderella
  20. The Beat
  21. The Dangerous Friends J.F. Sebastian
  22. The House Of Course
  23. Love By Wire (Fragment)