Playliste vom 05.12.1987

[mp3]Demoaufnahme von 1987
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Etwas leise MusikJohannes Heesters
Morning after the sixtiesAge Of Chance
Sie sagteDie Art [@wiki]
If The Kids Are UnitedShame 69
As long as l love youElement Of Crime
When love is unevenDavid Thomas & The Woodenbirds
The ModelBig Black
Fists Of LoveBig Black
Kitty EmpireBig Black
Big MoneyBig Black
Mama we are all crazy nowB.R.O.N.X. [@wiki]
ReunawohlDie schönste Muziek
Femme IThe Dead Left [@wiki]
Toute to loveThe Band Of Holy Joy
That 's The WayRosengarten [@wiki]
Allergic to lifePeter & The Test Tube Babies
Michael JacksonNegativland
The Playboy ChannelNegativland
Car BombNegativland
Christianity Is StupidNegativland
Bahnsteig WalzerF.S.K.
This Is A Man's Man's Man's WorldThe Residents.
Die BlumenverkäuferinThomas Wagner [@wiki]
MusclesThe Membranes
Es ist was es istHerT.Z. [@wiki]
Ghost RiderCassandra Complex