Playliste vom 05.03.1988

[mp3]D.A.M. - KommwirmaleneineSonne
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[pdf]Bandinfos zu D.A.M. und Evan Schoenfeld
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[mp3]D.A.M. - Ego
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[mp3]Müllstation - Robin Hood
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Birth School Work DeathThe Godfathers
Make way for my motorbikeThe Bomb Party
[mp3] StayElectro Artist [@wiki]
When am I coming downThe Godfathers
See emily playEvan Schoenfeld
[mp3] KommwirmaleneineSonneD.A.M. [@wiki]
[mp3] EgoD.A.M. [@wiki]
DisciplinThrobbing Gristle
Punk Rap / Streets on fireU.K.Subs
The best wayThe Jazz Butcher
Looking for lot 49The Jazz Butcher
SnardzVoo Voo
Inside the lineWarsaw
Ain't got a blueThe Lurkers
[mp3] Robin HoodMüllstation
Ni upanja, ni strahuBorghesia
Sharing sensationTrisomie 21
City of smilingL'Amourder One thousand years of trouble
A.N.T.S.Adam & the Ants
Billie & Melina (Remix)The Hint Addicts