Playliste vom 16.04.1988

Angst vom MundHard Pop [@wiki]
Feather BedsNikki Sudden & Roland S.Howard
Guitar of the Ozeanic UndergrowthThe Honolulu Mountain Daffodiles
Black MaskSituation B.
No EscapeCabaret Voltaire
Trigger in/Trigger OutSchwarzer Freitag
Lambarene (Mix Afrique)Pseudo Electronixx
Cheap ThrillsLedernacken
Tight Black JeansThe Vibrators
Part Time PunksT.V.Personalities
WirSandow [@wiki]
Green Eyed OwlThe Chills
What ever I doThe Clean
An American LandscapeAnimal Crackers
Party LifeThe Rumbles
Only You/FreundschaftScala 3
Bagdad BahnHerbst in Peking [@wiki]
T.T.Y.E.Death By Milkfloat
(She was a)HoteldeltectiveThey Might Be Giants
Rhythm Section Want AdThey Might Be Giants
Marry Me (Lie Lie! )These Immortal Souls
Don't ExplainNikki Sudden & Roland S.Howard
Debutente BluesNikki Sudden & Roland S.Howard