Playliste vom 03.12.1988

[mp3]Aljoscha Rompe und Wedding Present im Tierparkklub, Berlin, Aufnahme Juli 1988, mit Reportergerät
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Wrong Place, Right TimeThe Fall
[mp3] Assi-SongSanta Clan [@wiki]
Room full of foolsThe Sweet Ride
Alex ChiltonThe Replacements
Girl I Want You BackThe Driscolls
Julie christieThe Driscolls
Tell nie nowThe Strawberry Story
Big New PrinceThe Fall
I never wanted to fall in love with Brix SmithThe Flowerpornoes
A women's faceTom G.Liwa
Herz schimmeltSandow [@wiki]
TanzstundeStein im Brett
Black and WhiteVolume Unit
Add lt upViolent Fernes
No next timeVolume Unit
Last lookVolume Unit
Blitzkrieg BopThe Waltons
Blitzkrieg BopThe Ramones
Feel like a bombComrad
DeennaNick Cave & the Bad Seeds
I just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)Die Haut & Nick Cave
My gift to youDie Haut & Kid Congo Powers
MercyNick Cave & the Bad Seeds