Sampler - Sind wir allein im Weltall?

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Untertitel: Music from an undead industrial town 1997 - 2001
Interpreten: Punk & Punkverwandtes aus Chemnitz & näherer Umgebung
Veröffentlicht: 2001
Label: Landbus Tapes
Format: Tape

"Many people call Chemnitz extremely unpleasant for creativity and life in general. Nevertheless, this city has brought some of the most important bands of the last ten years. I'm talking about personal importance. Some names are PAINLICH, DEEP WATER, DIE DREI AUS DER RUMPELKAMMER, SPEEDBALL 69, ROERHEDDS ... you will also find the last two on this tape which is made from the perspective of a fan. I personally like all the music on this tape and I've spared out all the bands thar are too boring and too careerist. Seemingly these characteristics belong together very often. I have put my interest on the projects and bands that follow more or less an -do-it-yourself- approach. Besides the aspects of political conciousness, positive feeling and inspiring ideas I think that self organisation is very important ... Although I've experienced that the moneyaspect is impossible to leave out I expect that the whole tapeproject will have more personal and mental value than material value. It's about trading fun and ideas worldwide hopeful."
- Diesen wundervollen Linernotes von Liebhaber-Kompilator Normann Bierbaum ist nichts hinzuzufügen.

  1. Speedball 69 - Die tonite
  2. Blütezeit - Herzschmerz
  3. Sulky Child - 10000 dreams
  4. Society Suckers - Bastard tribe Ed.
  5. Gentle Lurch - Markus
  6. The High Kites - Ocean ride
  7. F.A.U.S.T. - Nerven aus Draht
  1. Hot Elmer Cure - Du bist die Welt
  2. Intershop - Candy of my day
  3. The Roerhedds - White Godzilla
  4. Frightdays - Unbearable truth
  5. Wintermute vs. Geroyche - We shall succeed
  6. Johnny Iltis - F+F+F
  7. Aus Notwehr - Chaostage
  8. Dirty Spoon - Reef
  9. Borstels Rache - Halber Hahn